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What´s a TIME2TRI ID?

The TIME2TRI ID is the door opener to all TIME2TRI services. With the help of your ID you can sign in to TIME2TRI Athlete, TIME2TRI Coach, TIME2TRI Branches, TIME2TRI Support and our cookbook page "Simply healthy".

Your ID includes the email address and login password, as well as all the contact, payment and security information you need to use the various services.

When do I use my TIME2TRI ID?

Every time you sign in to a TIME2TRI service, you use your TIME2TRI ID.

May I share a TIME2TRI ID with someone?

You should not share your TIME2TRI ID with anyone. This would allow that person to access your personal information and make any unauthorized changes to your account.

How can I protect my TIME2TRI ID?

The security of your data is very important to us. That's why we have several options available to help you further protect your TIME2TRI ID. Activate e.g. Two-factor authentication to increase security for your ID.

Can I use my TIME2TRI ID at the same time for TIME2TRI Athlete and TIME2TRI Coach?

Unfortunately, there are currently two separate TIME2TRI IDs required.

I was part of the beta test of TIME2TRI Athlete, is my account data already a TIME2TRI ID?

Yes, at the end of December 2016, all active beta tester accounts were converted into a TIME2TRI ID.

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Last change: June 25th, 2018